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    1. Welcome Message from Holly, Your Instructor [DOWNLOAD Quick Start Guide]

    2. In a Pickle: A Visual Sampling

    3. How to Use This Course Platform: A Quick Tour

    4. BONUS: Private Ferment Like a Pro! Facebook Group

    5. Disclaimer

    1. Why Learn to Ferment?

    2. The Power of Fermentation

    3. Why Fermentation is Safe

    4. Quick Pickling. Brine Pickling. Self-Brining. Culturing.

    5. The Fermentation Framework

    6. Mastering Brine Pickling: High-Level Overview of the Perfect Pickle Process

    1. Introduction: How to Stack the Deck in Your Favor

    2. Digital Scale: Your Most Important Fermentation Tool [Additional tips & updates below video]

    3. Vegetables & Water: Source Top Quality Vegetables & Clean Water [Buying guide & additional tips below video.]

    4. Salt: Create a Home for the Beneficial Bacteria [Buying guide & additional tips below video]

    5. Fermentation Vessel: Provide a Safe Home for the Bacteria [Buying guide & additional tips below video.]

    6. Floaties Trap: Keep Loose Bits from Floating to the Surface [Buying guide & additional tips below video.]

    7. Fermentation Weight: Keep Vegetables Under the Brine [Buying guide & additional tips below video.]

    8. Fermentation Lid: Let Gases Escape [Buying guide & additional tips below video.]

    9. Other Fermentation Supplies [Buying guide & additional tips below video.]

    1. Home Fermentation: 5 Factors that Make it Safe

    2. The Perfect Pickle Process Overview

    3. Jalapeno Peppers: The Perfect Pickle Process in Action

    4. STEP 1: CHOP. Gather Supplies & Prepare Your Ingredients

    5. STEP 2: TARE. Set Up Digital Scale

    6. STEP 3: PACK & WATER. Add Veggies & Top with Clean Water

    7. STEP 4: SALT & SHAKE. Calculate & Add Correct Salt Concentration

    8. STEP 5: SUBMERGE & SEAL. Provide an Anaerobic Home.

    9. STEP 6: FERMENT. Watch the Bacteria Working for You

    10. STEP 7: ENJOY. Move Ferment to Cold Storage & Effortlessly Enjoy

    1. In a Pickle! Recipe Book [23JUN2022]

    2. Giardiniera MasterClass from Zoom Calls [Aug 16,2021]

    3. Asparagus Spear Pickles

    4. Cauliflower Pickle Medley

    5. Cucumber Dill Pickles

    6. Curried Cauliflower Pickles

    7. Dilly Bean Pickles

    8. Giardiniera Chicago-Style Pickles

    9. Jalapeño Sliced Pickles

    10. Radish Medley

    11. Zucchini Pickle Slices

    1. My Top Ten Tips for Mastering Brine Pickling of Vegetables

    2. Microbial Buddies at Work: Checklist to Monitor Pickles During Fermentation

    3. Five-Senses Check for Safe & Scrumptious Pickles

    4. Troubleshooting & Fine Tuning Guide for Pickles

    5. 9 Uses for Leftover Pickle Brine

    6. You Kitchen Fermentation Lab: Set the Stage for Success

    7. BONUS: Salt Concentration for Brine Pickling

    8. BONUS: Fermentation Weights for Brine Pickling at a Glance

    9. BONUS: My Favorite Pickle-Making Tools

    10. BONUS: My Fermentation Journal

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